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Bringing the comforts of (tiny) homes to those who need it most.


With another push of donations, we can finally turn our vision into a reality.

With Your Help, It Is Possible

Be Part Of The Change

Become a Certified Member of American Full Circle Inc. Every membership receives a Certified letter from the corporation showing our Thanks for your support.

Additional membership levels available with unique gifts to show our appreciation: Collector's coins, Etched Glasses, 1 Gold Bar, and more!!!

Donation Jar

Donate now to help People

In Need

Communities across the United States need humans more fortunate donations so that we can continue to lobby for the infrastructure of our ideas for The United States. There is such a housing shortage many Americans are homeless or have no home they can afford. With your Donations we can build "Traction" gaining Capital, Grants and Gifts for Tiny Apartments and Villages nationwide. Our Totally Eco Friendly Self Sufficient Homes are the answer to this shortage and pollution. Help us solve the national and global problem.

Veteran Family

We are a group of passionate people invested in creating a better future and helping the community with Tiny Home communities. We make positive impact to the community and the people. Since established, we have been keen to providing solution that can be substantial for many generations to come.

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Our mission as a Board and Incorporation is to build Tiny Home Apartments and Tiny Home Villages that are Unique Self-Sufficient Eco Friendly. Tiny Home communities (for Mentally Ill,Veterans, Disabled,, Handicapped, Homeless, All Ethnicities, anyone suffering from disabilities)...

We Help People From Different Backgrounds

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There are many challenges that veterans face after they leave the military.

  • Unemployment. Many veterans struggle to find work after they return home.

  • Relationship with Themselves. Veterans do a noble thing by serving their country.

  • Homelessness.

  • Physical Handicaps.

  • Poor Mental Health.

Image by Paul Stickman


Living with a disability is expensive and can require spending on medication and frequent health care visits, a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, in-home personal assistance, and adaptive devices and clothing, along with the usual costs of living.

Upset Stomach


The following factors could potentially result in a period of poor mental health:
• Childhood abuse, trauma, or neglect.
• Social isolation or loneliness.
• Experiencing discrimination and stigma, including racism.
• Social disadvantage, poverty or debt.
• Bereavement (losing someone close to you)
• Lack of stable housing.

Mentally Ill
Image by Jon Tyson


Solutions for poverty:

• Eliminating poverty through equity. One of the main causes of poverty is inequality.
• Reducing poverty with resilience.
• Commit to climate change solutions and climate justice.
• Eradicating poverty through education.
• Halting poverty by ending hunger (and thirst).
• Poverty alleviation through peace.
• Housing solves poverty.



We take care of everything

From the Board to its contractors we take care of everything for our communities in need including construction, community support, management, constant rolling revenue "to lend and not borrow" after a certain Base Capital has been built through our initial campaigns. The organization has been so thoroughly planned out it will take care of all needs itself for generations to come hence American Full Circle and no further burden on taxpayers or the global networks. We also would like to offer one for yourself. Possible for the lake, guest house, remote cabin etc. We will customize and drop on site. Any public profits go directly back into AFCI Inc. encouraging those we support our plans are not beneath anyone.

Volunteers Lifting Construction Frame

Your donation will help us create a better future.

Image by Arian Malek khosravi

I wish I have a roof over my head.

Image by Osarugue Igbinoba

I have no home to call my own.

Image by Marwan Ahmed

I will be happy to have a nice home.

Image by Jon Tyson

There's hope in this world, for everyone.

Image by Jon Tyson

If only there's someone out there to help.

Image by Ben Hershey

I have hope of a beautiful home.

Image by Steve Knutson

I believe my story will change someday.

Image by Jon Tyson

I dream of a nice home everyday.

Image by Roi Dimor

Act Now, create a better future

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