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Our charity is designed to build Tiny Home Villages and Apartment complexes for the Veterans, Mentally ill, Handicap, Poor, Disabled and All Ethnicities. We are developing a Acute Rehabilitation Center focussing on dual diagnoses. As the new community is stabilized we will provide them a home the "right home for them" in a 40-80 unit circle development or a 54 unit High Rise as close to people in areas with the largest negative situation providing lush perlstein grounds. Also we believe in 100% Total Eco Friendly Self Sufficient Units when allowed for mother earth healing and our clients new affordable green utility expenses. We need your support to gain "Traction". We have the answers and the Human Power. With our Strong Board we can make a huge difference. The new tiny communities will be happy, positive, and return the people to a productive life again with full community support on any aspect holding them back?

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Interior Design
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We have passion in what we do
We Provide
Exceptional Solution
To A Better Future

  1. A Coordinated Approach to end homelessness, a community-wide coordinated approach to delivering services, housing, and programs as needed. ...

  2. Housing as the Solution. The solution to homelessness is simple – housing. ...

  3. Assistance for the Most Vulnerable. ...

  4. Designing a Crisis Response. ...

  5. Increasing Employment and Income...

Our Goals

Our goal is not to ask for donations to build one house at a time or one building, but to gain Capital Investment. Capital Investment allows our Charity to offer needed services to the public raising enough money to launch the company into every generation. We are a Legacy Charity our youth is the future of our world and we want to leave them a constant evolving charity that is self sufficient in it's diversity..

Once you donate you become part of that Legacy too you are a Certified Member and we will be transparent with what your initial help has created with the Capital as American full Circle. A circle is never ending self sufficient symbol. Your trust or (investment) is all our Legacy for the future. 


We are a Spiritual, Patriotic based organization. The predestined path laid down in front of American Full Circle Inc. its Board and Members will begin building within the United States,Acute Rehab Facility, the World and even to Mars and beyond. We will utilize all our efforts to ensure every human is successful, cared for housed and never forgotten. We will invest in special programs DNA structure to better understand undesired traits and survival of humanity forever.


Capital will gain "Traction" through your support it helps us qualify for Government support being given to the private sector that do not have our global solutions. Simply by showing through real construction and community support we can do this efficiently thoroughly through an effective plan.The government budget proposes $2 billion to be invested in green energy projects, as well as setting aside reserves of $6.5 billion to lend to communities to lend to rural communities in support of additional green energy, power storage, and transmission projects. Our members support no Office. We merely support and loppy that those funds go where needed at home with us..Let us all work together.

Tiny Homes
What We Offer
Cost Saving

Once you have your home set up to produce your own power and water, you will not need to pay for them ever again! Even if you’re only partially off-grid but still use some public services and utilities, you will still save a lot of money on your utilities.

Some locations also offer reduced taxes and levies for properties that do not use public services, so you can save some money there too.

Self Sufficient
  1. Cultivate a vegetable garden.

  2. Reduce your energy consumption.

  3. Collect rainwater.

  4. Make use of solar power.

  5. Consider a wood-burning stove.

  6. Electric Solar based climate and power control.

  7. Led Lighting

  8. Build an outdoor composting box.

  9. Make use of recycled material.

Eco Friendly

In this proposed 2022 budget, the Biden Administration has proposed a $10 billion investment in clean energy. The total amount is increased in rural communities and others. We have a unique way to accomplish similar wonderful goals. Our thought out plan covers the United States in a full blanket of coverage. The resources for lobbying for ourselves a  Non Profit has been set with our Legacy Corporation with the Capital never running out or needing further funds. "Green, Eco Housing, Community Service or Services that do not exist without your "Capital" donations. That is "Traction".

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