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Raise Your Helping Hand For A Human

The tiny house movement is an architectural phenomenon and progressive trend that has grown in popularity these past few years.

Described by PhD Candidate in Environmental Planning and Design Maria Saxton as, “Livable dwelling units that typically measure under 400 square feet,” many people believe these houses are great for the planet.

Together Again
Assisting the Elder
Using Lift with Wheelchair
Image by Osarugue Igbinoba

Mission Statement

To help the country's Veterans, Mentally Ill, Handicap, Disabled, Poor and All Ethnicities have Tiny affordable Eco Friendly Self Sufficient housing that they may be proud of in addition helping them become a positive citizen again.

Our mission as a Board and corporation is to build  Tiny Home Villages and Apartments that are Unique self-Sufficient Eco Friendly Tiny Home Villages (for Mentally Ill,Veterans, Disabled, Homeless,Handicap, All Ethnicity, anyone suffering from disabilities) Providing them into a 400 sq ft home or apartment. Helping with full community services to integrate humans back into society positively and productive. The community Villages homes will be for sale to the public purchase, renting, B&B etc. at special locations utilizing all the new scientific, architectural, engineering design from all the Universities across our Great Nation. In addition we are all Green cutting our footprint to Zero from NASA confirmation that CO2 is 100% human caused. We must plan in 10 years this is not the case and then with our experts discover a way to remove such high levels of devastating pollution. We can do all of this with your initial launch one time or several"donations".

Building Homes
Volunteers on Construction Site
still on our mission...
We Exist To Provide Sustainable Solution

We are not just a manufacturer of Apartments, Tiny Homes but "our community" in the Articles of Incorporation will receive this additional support. Someone could be on the streets just because they don't have proper meds, ID or even just a simple Birth Certificate. Our communities will have professionals help at the locations and Acute Facilities to help them become a positive citizen along with their beautiful residence as they enter the right home with Pride.

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