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What American Full Circle Inc. does is find areas of plight in any state where there is no housing or affordable housing. We will build a 52 unit Eco Friendly Apartment Complex in the city or develope 80 unit Tiny Home Villages. We develop the land and they are Eco friendly down to the parking area. We stabilize the community with all the community services that are needed and might help them intergtergre with medication and leveling out. We are building a remote Acute Rehab Center to help as an example remove "The War" out of a Veterans brain (PTHD) and others who suffer from different  situations. After we will provide Case Managers and Social Workers with MD's and get them the medications, equipment, therapy they might need. We will put them back into a working environment and proactive citizen. Stabilized first then transitioned into is a beautiful tiny home in a family atmosphere where they are safe, warm, cool and protected. Beyond all PROUD! 

Help by Donating

Your donation can help the less fortunate.

Belize Headquarters

AFCI Has broken ground on our new headquarters in Belize. See the Groundbreaking Ceremony and also find out why Belize was chosen for AFCI Headquarters.

Here are more images and videos from beautiful Belize.

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